Q. How long does it take to transfer ownership of a .co.uk domain ?

A. Normally less than 1 hour. Once payment has been received we will notify Nominet ( the .uk Domain Governing Body ) of the change of ownership and they will the email you asking if you accept the transfer.

Q. Are there any additional costs ?

A. There is a £12 Fee to pay Nominet.org.uk for changing the domains owner and registrar details. Nominet are the domain name authority for all UK domain names. Once we have notified Nominet that you are the new owners they will email you with simple instructions on how to take control of the domain and update the owner and registrar details, it is at this point that they ask you to pay the £12 fee.

Q. Do you provide after sales support ?

A. Yes sure, we will answer all your questions relating to your domain and help you with any issues that may arise. However it is normally a simple and painless process but we are always here to assist should you need us. Just email us at info@Domain4Sale.org.uk

Q. Why do many of your domains not have a fixed price ?

A. There are a surprisingly large amount of factors that go into determining the value of any one domain. We find that the value of our domains fluctuate quite regularly and when you have a portfolio of over 2000 quality domains then the process of constantly re-evaluating each and every domain becomes an administrative nightmare. Therefore it is easier to invite offers from interested parties and enter into a fair negotiating process.